Why Is Houston Texas The Greatest City In America?

When thinking about Houston Texas, many picture a sub-par baseball team, oppressive humidity and massive oil refineries which are a far-cry when considering one of the few most up-and-coming cities. But Houston should not be dismissed, the Bayou City has been regarded as a recent economic-juggernaut. Houston is the country’s number one job creator and is also home to over 26 Fortune 500 businesses. Paychecks stretch further here when compared to any place else in the US. Also, it is home to a medical center that is bigger than downtown-Dallas. Add a booming cultural and restaurant scene and Houston could very well be the very best city in the whole of America. Below are a few reasons that make this city so fantastic.

Houston Is The Best Choice City For Job Creation

Houston is the location for more of the Fortune 500 enterprise headquarters compared to anywhere else in America except for NY. The 26 Fortune 500 companies are way less than New York’s 72. However, they are ahead of Washington D.C.’s 20 and Dallas’s 19. Most of these enterprises are in the “energy corridor” the home for gas and vast oil industries.

Houston Is Home To The Biggest Concentration Of Healthcare Organizations

The Texas Medical Center has been regarded as the most dominant single employer in the area of Houston as well as been the most prominent medical center worldwide. This center boasts 21 hospitals, eight research and academic institutions along with 50 total-related groups that are all non-profit.

These organizations include The M.D Anderson Cancer Center and the University Of Texas. The Cancer Center is regarded as a premier Catholic hospital for research and treatment program. It has spent billions of dollars on an aggressive path in order to cure around five cancer types.

Immense International Trade Offers A Large Job Boost To Houston, Texas

The port in Houston is the biggest about tonnage handled on an international level and is third when it comes to trade value. This translates into substantial international trade and business, which equates to many jobs. Houston is regarded as been remarkably business friendly as well as been the only city in the U.S that does not have zoning laws.

Houston Is Home To The NASA Astronaut Corps

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is situated in Houston and home to the American astronaut corps and the area many Americans and international astronauts are trained on going up into space.

Paychecks Go Farther In Houston When Compared To Other Main Metropolitan Areas

Living a real life is not all about earning a high pay, but rather about some costs. This is where Houston cannot be beaten. When adjusting the costs of living in Houston, the very highest pay reported in this area is $73,418 and is way ahead of sectors such as San Jose, that may have very high wages but also has tremendously high costs of living that cancel out the high pay.

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