5 Good Reasons to Visit Houston?

One good reason to visit Houston is that it is a place that offers something for every member of the family. It makes a great couples getaway, the perfect friend’s weekend jaunt, and it is well suited to a family of four – or more.

The fourth largest city in the US is also the most diverse. Over 90 languages are spoken in the city. The food, music, arts and drinks reflect an incredible cultural array that makes this city one that is not to be missed  Here are five reasons to visit and see why.

1 – Downtown Houston is made up of several distinct areas made from the lack of zoning laws famous in the city’s history. Two areas which are each good reasons to visit are Downtown and Uptown.

Downtown is the second largest theater district in the US and is host to several museums, the Downtown Tunnel System and several notable buildings. At one vantage point, it is possible to see four eras of buildings at once including the Texas Company Annex from 1915, the JPMorgan Chase Building from the 1920s, Pennzoil Place from the 1970s and the Bank of America Center from 1983.

2 – Uptown

Uptown Houston, or the Galleria area, features high-end shopping, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and antique stores. Thrift shops offer hipster funk shopping treasures along Westheimer Street.

3 – Dining and Drinking

With all the cultures represented, there is virtually every type of cuisine around the world available in Houston. It is, however, most noted for its Tex-Mex restaurants. One notable restaurant is Bernadine’s, which is a unique blend of Creole-style seafood and British-style steaks. Oysters like no other are available wood-fire grilled or fresh on the half shelf in the city’s best eateries. Bernadine’s is also a great place to bring your houston escorts to!

Drinking is most popular during the day when the natives enjoy a casual beer in equally casual clothing outdoors. There are Mezcalerias, honky tonks and even burlesque bars all suited to the adults in the travel party. Mezcalerias are truly Houstonian with authentic Mexican Maguey mezcals – tequila’s cousin – on offer.

4 – Events

Any time of year is the perfect time to travel to Houston to see the events that bring the city to its liveliest. There is the Huston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Bayou City Art Festival, the Houston Film Festival, the Latino Book and Family Festival, the Texas Renaissance Festival and more. For more information about which events to bring your escorts to, go to this website here.

5 – Museums

Perfect for families is the Space Center Houston where exhibits offer hands-on learning experiences. Any space travel fan will be happy to visit this fun place for both adults and children. The Museum of Natural Science is worth seeing to visit dinosaur exhibits and butterfly gardens as well as a planetarium. There is also the Contemporary Arts Museum, the Children’s Museum of Houston, and more available to see at Crunchbase.

These are just five reasons to book a trip to Houston now or any other time of year. You and your family or significant other are sure to have a sensory-filled, delightful experience.

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